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Way Down East March 2003

Simply stunning. After four weeks, I really don't want to write this review - it means I'll have to move onto the next CD and put this one away and stop listening it 5 nights a week. I still haven't got a handle on what the hell Boxing are doing. How can they end those songs like that? What are they singing about? Don't they know that pop music is formulaic and just an application of the simple rules of verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus/fade? Why stop the song after 1 minute 15? I just can't imagine ever becoming completely familiar with the songs - there will always be surprises and new angles to admire, however often I play it.

You can't produce such eclectic music without confidence and vision and a firm grasp of how music can break your heart, give you nausea, and make you tingle with excitement. In Boxing's case they can do all that in one minute and then really mix things up. I would class this music as almost impossible to dance to, but have a few beers and give it a go - you will have great fun and being ejected from clubs is often a fulfilling experience.

I always feel obliged to name some similarities with other bands just to give people a handle on whether they want to investigate further. So if you like Sparklehorse (vivasubmarine period) and/or Sebadoh then you will be ready to hear this. In addition I can hear elements that remind me of Syd Barratt and David Bowie and a host of other bands that Boxing have probably never heard of. There are now moments when I hear a few lines of one of their songs and think "that sounds just like..." and I eventually realise it sounds just like Boxing - bewilderingly original and glistening with melodic jewellery.

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