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British Sea Power

A Lovely Day Tomorrow April 2004

British Sea Power join up with the Czech band The Ecstacy of Saint Theresa to keep their fans happy before the tour this April. It's a very limited edition single available at gigs (100 copies per gig, 200 at Manchester, and 500 at London) and 200 copies from the website. The song is a melodic tour-de-force with Katerina from the Czech outfit doing the singing. Classic Indie female vocal fronting BSPs sensitive instrumentation. You also get a Czech language version and another song Fakir that is fun, like the Mustaphas Three used to be.

Remember Me Nov 2003

Remember Me is a great track a classic English Indie single. It sets off like a rabbit with four greyhounds after it and all I can say is the rabbit wins again! It's very Northern like The Wedding Present with a smattering of Buzzcocks. The excitement of Remember Me isn't matched by most of the other tracks but for some reason I keep remembering the Lancashire Moors when I listen to them. There are 2 CD singles and a 7" single as well for this release. I can recommend the 7" single because the b-side has the mainly instrumental The Scottish Wildlife Experience and is a blast with some feedback thrown in.

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