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Captain Wilberforce

Dreams Of Educated Fleas (demo version) May 2004

Not a record I particularly liked to start with. The melodic approach sounded like coming from The Beatles (not a band I like). It wasn't until I came to start the Radio station that I realised this music should be heard. Despite being outside of my taste, there's no mistaking the quality of what they do. Musically adept and with a grasp of complexity and simple pop sensibility. The deciding factor has to be that Captain Wilberforce just sound like their own band - no hint of Radiohead etc influence - the confidence and strength to embrace originality is a valuable thing to be confronted with. Anyway, check out their stuff becaquse I gather that The Beatles didn't just sink into obscurity like I thought they should, and Moira and The Mice, sadly, only made the one great single.


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