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Carina Round

Into My Blood Oct 2003

I seem to have missed out on Carina Round. I may know half the bands in New York who have self-produced first albums but it does mean I spend the time reviewing them rather than listening to John Peel and keeping up with British music. Into My Blood is a song that is stunning in itís use of dynamic guitar rhythms and the vocal performance simply takes my breath away. The power and the passion of this single is a beautiful thing to experience. Letís get the obvious comparison out of the way. I remember the excitement I felt when I first heard PJ Harvey on a Peel Session and loved the first album (the 4-track demos version was even better). Now, Carina Round does sound like early Polly Jean but that is a good thing because we all need more of that committed, inspirational, confessional music. I am now desperate to get hold of the first album, let alone the new album The Disconnection that is out soon.

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