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September 5, 2008

The Beat Maras

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Bat and the Astral PhoenixI mentioned the Beat Maras before and praised Getaway Car on their Huarez EP. I wasn’t sure about the other tracks so I just pointed out the fast, loud one. They have brought out their debut album Bat And The Astral Phoenix and it has allowed me to once again hear the track Beauty And The Horror that was on that EP. Strangely enough, this time I felt really pleased to hear it and revel in the imperious vocal.

Beauty And The Horror by The Beat Maras

Beauty And The Horror by The Beat Maras (clip)

But, even though I know that they are from Hertfordshire, I just can’t help thinking they are Scottish. On the track above, it does sound like a Scots Jim Morrison doesn’t it? Then I again listen to the excellent opening track which is the instrumental Blue Rock and what do I hear – what sounds to me like a definitively Caledonian guitar piece. Maybe it’s just me but I do hear a bit of Alex Harvey/Skids/Big Country in the rhythm and overall sound.

Blue Rock by The Beat Maras

Blue Rock by The Beat Maras (clip)

The Beat Maras

May 8, 2008

Coming home in my getaway car

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I was going to report on the Jesse Malin gig in Oxford, possibly with pictures from my new camera. However when I got to the Academy I wasn’t on the guestlist as promised by the record company so I came straight back home as fast as possible in the ferrari four. It is honestly a big pain to keep a car like this maintained in prime condition like when I bought it.

Home by Tom StevensI’ve been listening a lot to Home by Tom Stevens recently. I wasn’t too sure what to make of it at first and it has taken a long time to get into it. Now I have the album in my car and enjoy every time it comes around. It is very American – a man with a guitar and a few songs (think Chuck Prophet or Tom Verlaine) but no histrionics or theatrics. Most of the songs are Roots Rock but one which always makes me swoon is the Countrified In The Basement. It is maudlin lyrically and musically so fits straight into my taste for a touch of reflection and regret.

In The Basement

In The Basement(clip) by Tom Stevens

I’ve just found the video to the song Getaway Car by The Beat Maras. This was on their Huaraz EP a few months ago and really impressed me with the distorted guitar and vocals. For other promotions, if you need expert plumbing services, checkout

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The Beat Maras – Getaway Car