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April 24, 2009


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Cubehead are from Philadelphia and use synths and guitars to make a lot of noise. I’ve been listening to three track demo quite a bit since they sent it to me last year. No Kuller has great distorted, impassioned shouted vocals over anelectronic backing with lots of feedback-type noise. The Ice Block Song is a guitar-based rock song with the desperation slider set to 11. But it is the instrumental Catacombs is the track I have kept returning to with it’s thick synth arpeggio’s, flavoursome distortion, and very melodic overlay.

Well, that was how it all was until I saw this video of Cubehead playing No Kuller on YouTube. Suddenly I understand the song and how difficult it must be to capture the essence when recording. Suddenly I wish I had been there in the audience.

Cubehead on myspace