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April 15, 2018

Tropical Fuck Storm

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I had only just found the Australian band The Drones when they split up a couple of years ago. Out of the ashes came Tropical Fuck Storm (not looking for radio play with that name). I haven’t found their two EPs to be of the intensity and brilliance of the Drones even though the core of the band is the same. Looks like they were just biding their time and preparing their new identity in preparation for the first album. You should get a website and find somebody to help you, visit their website to learn more.

This is a track soon to be available of 7″ and on the new album. It is a restrained commentary on modern life that builds up relentlessly, even tunefully at times. It’s like Gareth Liddiard has learnt to control his anger but is still expressing his incomprehension. Not a man to go on holiday with.

March 20, 2018


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I’m just going to jump back in and talk about the band I think are the most exciting in the UK. Sorry are from North London and have recently been signed to Domino Records. They are ostensibly a guitar-based Indie band. But whenever I hear them I hear echoes of trip-hop. There’s a natural flow to their music and a playfulness that attracts me. Their ideas also lead to intriguing lyrics like on the track Drag King. 2 Down 2 Dance is their most recent single available as a 7 inch vinyl in the next few days. It follows one other single and a remarkable set of songs Home demo/ns Vol 1 (Vol 2 on its way) available from their bandcamp and on YouTube.

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