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August 1, 2008

Obviously 4 Believers

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Today, Obviously 4 Believers release their debut single Then I’ll Be Leaving You (download only). They are a young band originally from Lancaster who play a sort of updated blues that has its roots in the guitar rock the Rolling Stones used to play.

Then I’ll Be Leaving You

Then I’ll Be Leaving You (clip) by Obviously 4 Believers

There’s some really good guitar work going on there and a certain swing that reflects what Madchester brought to the world. I particularly like the singer’s voice and the fact that it reminds me of Peter Perrett of The Only Ones. The Only Ones were never part of Punk or New Wave, being a more traditional Rock band of the old school – but they played such good songs that they were still allowed to be in your record collection. Obviously 4 Believers maybe share that slightly ‘out of time’ feel but this single is refreshing and certainly beats the crap out of most current Indie.

That gives me the perfect excuse to dive into my vinyl and get the first Only Ones 12″.

Lovers Of Today

Lovers Of Today by The Only Ones

Obviously 4 Believers