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October 12, 2006

No Reviews

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I’m a bit down today. Work hasn’t gone well – feels like everything I’ve done in the last three months has been a waste of time. This is the first time since I joined my current company that I have thought I might not spend the rest of my working life there.

It took two hours to get home tonight. Roads were blocked due to floods and then alternative routes were blocked due to too much traffic and then driving through a town was chaos due to new efforts to discourage traffic (and they wonder why people shop out of town).

And then I realise that I haven’t done reviews of my two favourite CDs of the last three months. I keep on listening and enjoying them to excess but I just don’t get any words to describe them.

It will all end like this. The loss of inspiration to review any more music. At some point I will not want to spend every evening sitting at a computer writing a sentence or two while listening to new music. Maybe I will just veg out in front of re-runs of Friends on the television. Obviously I wouldn’t go so far as to get a life.

Tomorrow I’m off to see a gig. And this weekend I am going drinking back in my spiritual (and former actual) home. I’m taking Phideaux’s latest album with me. I guess that means there’s still hope for A Cool Noise.

October 4, 2006

Listening To

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I haven’t been listing all of the CDs I receive despite my previous promise. So here are some I have been sent recently and I’m currently listening to them:

Start A Fight by Death In Public
Cool As You by Education
February Snow by Fell City Girl
Nails by Seven Years On
The Wait by Zox
February Snow by Fell City Girl
EP by A Genuine Freakshow
Poltergeeks by Penpushers
The Great Leap by Phideaux
Started Looking EP by Cubes
Advance CD by Brothermandude
EP by Stolen Peace
I Beg To Differ by The Disco Students
Everybody Knows by Aircrafts

I know I’ve missed some in that list but it’s the best I can do today. Some very interesting work in the list.

October 2, 2006

Funeral Song

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I read that James Blunt’s Goodbye My Lover is the most requested song at funerals. So we have a new game to add to “choose your own Desert Island Discs despite being a common skank who will never be asked on the show”.

Although I was very impressed by someone’s choice of Going Underground by The Jam, I cannot concur because I don’t want to be buried.

So, I imagine the poignant moment in the Crematorium when the curtain opens and the coffin begins its journey to the glorious tones of Jim Morrison singing Come On Baby, Light My Fire.

September 15, 2006

Old Crow Medicine Show Busking

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If only all buskers were like this. This is the song “Down Home Girl”.

September 8, 2006

The Sky Drops In London

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The Sky Drops
No, I haven’t changed my name to Chicken Little. The Sky Drops are a band from Delaware in the USA over in London for a few days. I hope anyone reading this from around the Metropolis will check them out. Their debut EP “Clouds of People” shows them to be lovers of quiet but lush guitar noise tinged with a little psychedelia. Kind of like Low meets The Pale Saints with Syd Barrett guesting.

Wednesday 13 September 2006
Goonite Club – Buffalo Bar, 259 Upper St, Islington, London

Thursday 14 September 2006
The Dublin Castle, 94 Parkway, Camden, London

Friday 15 September 2006
Club AC30, Water Rats, Kings Cross, London

Sunday 17 September 2006
Sonic Cathedral Sunday Service – The Social, 5 Little Portland St, London

The Sky Drops on MySpace

September 5, 2006

MySpace Private Profiles Are Not Private

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Looks like it is now fixed (November 2006)
Unlike the recent story on The Register, this is a genuine problem with MySpace profiles set to private. This option of privacy used to available to young teens but has recently become possible for any user to set their profiles to Private. The problem is that this privacy protection is flawed. Let’s see what I can find out in an hour of browsing:

(public)14 year old female from New Jersey set to Private Profile.

I know she was 16 on January 7th.

(public). 70 old woman from New Jersey – but not that age from the photo

I know she went to see Godsmack/Rob Zombie on the 4th September and her 8th Grade Dance was in June.

(public)Amanda – 38 years old but obviously much younger from the photo.

I know she was 14 on the 6th August and is friends with Madison and Lindsay.

(public) 32 year old female from Placentia, California.

I know her daughter is just about to enter 7th grade. She took a survey that said she had a sexual IQ of 120. To quote “When it comes to sex, you are a super genius”.

These details are available to any blog search engine including Google Blog Search. Most Blog Search Engines read the RSS feed from blogs. MySpace publishes blog post summaries (the first 200 characters of any post) for anyone to see – irrespective of the Privacy settings.

All you have to do to see the first 200 character of any blog entry is add the FriendID to this url:

August 30, 2006

United By Music

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Fourteen StoriesFourteen Stories have just been added to my MySpace friends. They are obviously mates with The Proof who I reviewed recently and probably picked up on that. They are also a very fine band that know that a guitar is a guitar. What I like is the difficuty of defining them – are they alt-rock, metal, 70’s? Of course they are just a real guitar band and that appeal is timeless and doesn’t need labels.

They are also from a place I can never set foot…Wallsend. There is a huge divide between the cities of Newcastle and Sunderland (12 miles apart) based on football mainly. When my Dad was young he would watch Sunderland and Newcastle United on alternate Saturdays but during the 1970’s something changed that made such a thing impossible. I remember going to a Sunderland vs. Newcastle match in the 70’s and it was mayhem. This was before football supporters were properly segregated and the Fulwell End (at the legendary Roker Park) was just a mass of flying bottles. I remember that for the whole match, there was a constant procession of people down the touchline with blood pouring from their heads. Thankfully those sort of scenes have been eradicated from football.

Despite leaving Sunderland when I was four weeks old, the heritage continues. I obviously have no North East accent particularly since I couldn’t speak until I was seven (speech therapy just down the road in the Churchill Hospital near where I am living at the moment so a quick and big thank you to the NHS). But my football loyalty is absolute.

Lead us to the promised landHowever, music doesn’t have such tribalism or predjudice as football, so I shall say a hello to Fourteen Stories and give them the shock of looking at the steely eyes of the saviour of Sunderland AFC.

Fourteen Stories

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