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August 5, 2006

Bad Reviews

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I’m just going through all of my old reviews and creating blog posts about them so that they can be found using the Search function. Most of my reviews try to say positive things or at least acknowledge it is just my personal taste. But I have found some old reviews that didn’t hold back (generally on bigger signed bands). Some quotes:

Unfortunately, memorable for the wrong reasons because it is bunch of clichés about their imaginings about what office life is like. I may be completely wrong, but it just sounds so false. Crap melody too.

…is simply awful – too hurried and tuneless

Promotion rather than talent.

I remember the stuff first time around…they wouldn’t have hacked it back then and they don’t hack it now.

Adolescent fantasies (let’s get ‘fuck’ in the first line).

I can see no reason why this CD should have been made. Bands doing versions of other people’s songs around a theme can be an interesting proposition – but in this country murder is a crime.

Doesn’t anyone have the critical distance just to say “stop it, it’s not big and it’s not clever”.

August 3, 2006

Shadowplay and Truck Festival

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There’s a wonderful music fanzine called Shadowplay produced by Alex Lawson who has written a few reviews for me and who counts as a treasure amongst my online friends. Issue 18 has articles about Bison, Regina Spektor, Nightmares on Wax, Adem, MC Lars, Smoosh, DJ Scotch Egg and also some fiction as well. It reeks of enthusiasm for the music and is a great read even if you don’t know the music they are talking about!

The talented bastard sounded great on his (and DJ Play’s) show on Sure Radio in Sheffield. He has even produced a video/photo mix of the Truck Festival featured above that was held recently just down the road from me. I was away that weekend. Maybe next year, and maybe get to meet Alex in a non-virtual sort of way.

One minor point to Alex – it’s spelt Mackem (my birthright – though I left at the age of four weeks).

Shadowplay Fanzine

August 2, 2006

A Film Review

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To demonstrate my complete control of the English language and my finely honed critical authority over all the arts I shall do a film review:

The Return Of The King (extended DVD version)

Bit of a long one. That Liv Tyler is quite pretty but have you noticed her funny ears?

August 1, 2006

Latest CDs

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Just to say I have received these CDs (one is a record – hooray!)

Broken Gold by The Distants
Refugee Blues by Chris Volpe
Orange by Firebrand Boy (7″ vinyl)
Too Proud To Practice by Duke Fame
Baggage by The Scaramanga Six
What’s The Point by Piskie Slits
Champagne Lifestyle by The Energy
The View From Above by The Sun-Ups
The Completist’s Library by Sarandon
Psychotheque By shw
A Clean Incision by The Reverse

No short previews this time because I’m just about to go into speed reviewing mode for the rest of the week.

July 31, 2006

Lesbian Bed Death

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Well, this changes everything. I had highlighted Lesbian Bed Death’s contribution to Unsigned Magazine’s debut edition (with free CD). I loved the song Goth Girls Are Easy but I did feel it was a bit pervy because it was a bloke singing. I have just found that they have made a video of the song and it’s luci4 singing (a she). Suddenly it’s ok for me to love the song without reservation. Luci4 also is singing on the MySpace songs and she makes a great noise (as do the band). I hope no-one minds that I uploaded it to YouTube so that I can embed it in this post. They are also featured in #2 of Unsigned Magazine. Enjoy and dream…

Lesbian Bed Death
Unsigned Magazine

July 30, 2006

Boy Band Banned – my response

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Dear Editor

I’m afraid I didn’t get to read your article about “Boy band banned for being too loud” but I did hear about it.

I came over from Oxford for the day with my two children to see Nomad 67 perform live. I was very grateful for the opportunity because with geographical constraints and work and family commitments I haven’t managed to see the band play until now and it was one of the highlights of my musical life.

I’ve been running my music reviews website since 1998 reviewing lesser know bands and helping to break them to a wider audience (Franz Ferdinand and the Delays were two of the bands I reviewed from their first promos until they made it into the charts). I still can’t believe that three teenagers from Clifton upon Teme have made such an astonishing record as The Art Of Individuality. I keep on listening to it expecting it to suddenly become just another local band but I keep on loving it every time I listen. I’m not young, I compare it to the great rock bands of my 70s youth and it still ranks amongst the best I’ve ever heard. The great pre-cursors of Punk (Iggy and the Stooges, the MC5, The Velvet Underground) and the 80s grunge epitomised by Nirvana are, in my opinion equalled by this band from your part of the country. They are a treasure and should be treated as such.

As for the day, I loved it, and my children loved it. My son’s friends Grandparents were visiting from Kenya and they enjoyed it (they stayed for a half hour applauding and were smiling as they left). I realise that it was a strange setting for a guitar rock band but I noticed plenty of older people stopping as they walked past and I particularly remember the smiles and admiring looks as the drummer demonstrated just how much skill and energy you can play drums with.

The world is not how it always seems. Rolling Stones fans are drawing pensions (as the band are entitled to do!) and they would surely have appreciated such a performance. Also, I didn’t see a bigger audience for any act that day than for Nomad 67.

Maybe the main square isn’t the most suitable place for a rock band. But there should be somewhere where you can showcase the talents of your area’s young people and give your young people the chance to hear their choice of music.


David Home

July 28, 2006

Apollo 13 and DMB

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I have reviewed the Apollo 13 album Lovebomb on Blogcritics – but I couldn’t resist using the last paragraph from my previous short review on here. I also updated my Don’s Mobile Barbers page with a review of their Boom Times! album (different from the BlogCritics one).

Regarding BlogCritics: I like to do an occasional review on there because it gets wider exposure (even gets into Google News) for the bands. The qualification is that the album must be on Most of the albums I review aren’t on there. I am also aware that those that are don’t have pictures of the album covers but that hasn’t been a problem so far.

I am about to do a load of reviews (some days off from work) and I should be able to at least acknowledge the CDs I’ve received recently.

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