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May 13, 2008

A solo barber

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Sorry to rave on about it, it’s sad – but Boom Times is a total gem. I can’t believe it’s still getting better with each listen. It’s kind of simple, but completely perfect.

Above is a quote from an email this morning from Mike I work with. He is referring to Boom Times by Don’s Mobile Barbers – an album he bought with a bit of a recommendation from me. Obviously he has managed to wrest his copy back from his wife who also loves it. He probably bought one of the last available copies of this 2006 masterpiece even though DMB had split up. I have also been driving around with Boom Times! on my car stereo and continuing my obsession with this beautiful and sad music.

For us addicted souls there is the news that Robert Dobson (one half of the Barbers) has an album ready and I received it today. First impressions are that this is a wonderful album full of the same gentle pathos that entranced me to begin with.

You Fellows Of All Souls – Robert Dobson