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November 25, 2006

Nineteen by ¡Forward Russia!

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In my head I class ¡Forward Russia! as a loud alternative Rock band who hurtle along spewing out noise and tension. Not that that isn’t enough for me, but listening to this single nineteen I realise that they have a wider range than I had attributed to them previously. The synthesiser notes that pervade the song and the slower than usual pace actually reminds me of The Associates updated to modern days. It’s funny because I am not sure I like the song that much, but I like ¡Forward Russia! even more for hearing it. Everything they do is done with real passion.

It is so confusing to review a release consisting of two different 7″ singles and a CD. But there is a clear winner if you are only going to buy one of them: the CD has the 65daysofstatic remix of eleven as the second track. I rarely see the point of Remixes but this particular one creates something new and exciting out of what is a great track anyway.

Nineteen release details

The video to Nineteen is a lot of fun as well:

August 22, 2006

Promo By These Monsters

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I’m not sure of the track titles but we are in Post-Rock Mogwai territory here. The music is instrumental and powerfull and evocative. This is not a band who are just starting out and finding their way – they are in full control of their instruments and the moods they are creating. But, you have to ask the question: does the world need any more instrumental, atmospheric, intense bands? My answer is yes, at least one more – These Monsters.

These Monsters

August 20, 2006

Robert The Bruces Spider by Instant Species

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The first time I heard Instant Species was on a Dance To The Radio compilation when they played a kind of TexMex song with a punk energy. That track Homrecide is on this album and still sounds very fine. Go To Your Grave In Mexico is along a similar theme and if you want to know what Calexico would sound like when given a good talking to by some lads from Yorkshire, then here it is. The Track Love Hooks does remind me a bit of Three Dog Night. Men Of The Sea is just that, a Sea Shanty.

I can’t think of any other band that play music like this – the only historical reference i can give is the Band Of Holy Joy who were wonderous in their time. Instant Species are a new twist.

Instant Species

August 5, 2006

Today’s CDs

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A Little Advice On Life And How Not To Live It by Mr G and Rich

At the moment all I will say is that Girlfriend Type Experience is one of the best punk songs I have ever heard (umm, I’m talking original spirt of 76 not any later crap).

Mr G And Rich

Necessary Evils… by Mach Schau

Southampton Alt/Punk rockers Mach Schau have persevered (I didn’t review their last single although God knows why). This EP really works for me – it makes me realise that This Et Al and Forward Russia don’t have a monopoly on energetic, breathless noise.

Mach Schau

August 1, 2006

Demonstration by onewordpoem

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There’s an ambiguity about the voice that can be compared to Placebo (or Pavlov’s Dog – gratuitious older person comment). There’s some tight instrumental work that only happens with a three piece. There’s three good songs. And this proves that there is life in Lincolnshire.


Promo by The 45 Rebellion

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Three tracks from a band who are putting themselves about a lot on the East Midlands gig circuit. Keep On Moving has a really nice groove and pop hooks in a similar vein to The Lodger. Someday is pretty normal Indie fare but not without its charm. It’s the track Everest that stands out for me with its much harder approach. Lots of jingling guitar and added distortion to the vocals make it sound much meaner than the other tracks. The added snarl, the dynamic variation, and a great chorus make it a song that takes The 45 Rebellion beyond showing promise.

The 45 Rebellion

Signal Noise by Shut Your Eyes And You’ll Burst Into Flames

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Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames
I think this promo was from quite a few months ago but I review at my own pace. Signal Noise is off the wall but completely enticing with experimentation and yet still demanding to be danced to. Kingdom Of Goats is a gutteral shout from a bunch of desperados. As exciting as a bungee jump from the London Eye or raising a Sunderland scarf in Elland Road.

Shut Your Eyes And You’ll Burst Into Flames

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