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June 12, 2006

Hi Ho Come On England

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The World Cup is under way and finally I’ve heard the first World Cup song I actually like. It’s Hi Ho Come England by Blind Granny’s Taxi Nightmare and they do a version of Jeff Beck’s Hi Ho Silver Lining with new lyrics. The sort of song that you could easily imagine being sung on the terraces. All profits go to the charity Fourth Lion which pays for sporting equipment for underprivileged children. The band are named after a headline in the local Worcestershire newspaper. That’s a small but select club – my band was Roftop Sex Plunge, named after a small article in The Manchester Evening News commenting on the number of people who died in Turkey falling off roofs having made love. Click here for more

June 9, 2006

Broken Promises

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I remember promising that I would at least acknowledge the arrival of CDs in this blog. I’ve not quite been true to my word, so here is a catch up and mention of today’s CDs.

The One and Only Typicals – Riot In My Head

A Power Pop band, rooted in the simplicity and directness and enthusiasm of bands like The Jam.

The One And Only Typicals

Soundpool – On High

Do you rememeber the Simon Dupree and The Big Sound song Kites? A similar Pyschedelic wall of Sound and ethereal vocals is created by New York’s Soundpool.


Tom Beaulieu – As The Artist Waits

I was going to say I was unsure about Tom’s voice – but I’ve just realised that it isn’t that far from Neil Young’s. Musically a throwback to earlier times, but then who’s to say that’s a bad thing.

Tom Beaulieu

Wreckage Of The Modern City – Singularity

This band prove that Prog mixed with Nu-Metal overtones is a potent combination.

Wreckage Of The Modern City

OMR – Superheroes Crash

OMG. There’s that moment when you are driving on a country road at night and you see a rabbit in the middle of the road transfixed in your headlights. I’m that rabbit and OMR are driving their Citroen straight at me.


June 8, 2006

Belarus and Seven Years On – the Faringdon Connection

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Faringdon is a little market town in between Oxford and Swindon. I’ve never stopped there but I’ve driven through loads of time on my way to and from the Cotswolds. There are two bands who both list Faringdon/Swindon as their location. First there is Belarus who play epic, sweeping Indie with a swagger. Check out the video to their last single Standing In The Right Place:

Secondly, there is a new band Seven Years On. For me, they are immediately important because this is three ex-members of Latitude Blue. Latitude Blue released a near perfect EP called Searching For Perfect a couple of years ago. The new band are still in their very early days but beyond the driving guitars there is a voice at work with that touch of Bourbon and far too many cigarettes.

Seven Years On

These Monsters… and sending me stuff

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I am really enjoying this 5 track promo of post-rock passion by These Monsters. Of course, the first thing I did was lose any pieces of paper that came with it. If the band find a lot of listens to Track 1 etc. on LastFm then they will know it’s me. Should I ask for a track listing? I’m not sure it matters.

Just to point out that this CD is a CDR with These Monsters… written in pen in a photocopied piece of paper. I may pay compliments when I get particularly good packaging but it really doesn’t matter – in the end it’s the music that will work or not. I do have difficulty with MP3s however because they seems so disposable and I tend to just skip through the tracks (Western Civ excepted). Same with MySpace, I always give a listen to bands but rarely comment and I don’t tend to listen right through all the tracks.

These Monsters

June 7, 2006


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This is going to be a short review. Sometimes you hear something that just doesn’t work for you. It’s only my humble opinion, etc. But as I put the CD on for the last time, suddenly there’s a glimmer of enjoyment. What if it is meant to be slightly cheesy, bouncy electronic rock? what if it is taking knowingly from the 1980’s synth bands and using melodic pop hooks without adding the saccharine? Not so easily dismissed, after all. Then it goes into Drive and you realise they can find some really rough synth sounds. I still can’t make up my mind – is All The Same To You like early Depeche Mode? Is it knowingly so? Why the hell did I ever start reviewing? Who am I to say anything? One thing I know is that when I get confused like this there’s a good chance the band are worthwhile. Need a pet? Get an Elektradog.

Elektradog on MySpace

Slippery Slope by Paper Cuts

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I feel sure I must have mentioned this before as it was released back in December 2005. But it looks like I haven’t. Two songs on the promo I have: Born On A Slippery Slope and Stand Up Be Counted. That’s fitting because people have two ears. Two ears to bleed from. But only one head to shake. Ummmmmm…look, words aren’t going do this. Maybe I’ll take a video of me throwing myself around my prison cell of a room, crash helmet on, knocking into walls. The spirit of ’76 but right up to date as great rock music is.

Paper Cuts on MySpace

I’m Not Sorry by The Pigeon Detectives

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I must be catching up on my review backlog: this single was only released last March on Dance To The Radio. It’s a rumbustious romp through anthemic punky Indie. If they are like this live then they are well worth seeing. Your problem is that this was a limited release so it’s probably sold out by now. No worries, you can hear both tracks on MySpace and they have a new single next month.

The Pigeon Detectives on MySpace

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