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June 7, 2006

Fallen By Vib Gyor

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This came today. Ok, first I’ve got to say it’s not for me. But this a lush, velveteen take on a Radiohead and Coldplay style, played and sung really well. And yet as I listen again, surely this is just as glorious as The Tides? There’s some really nice guitar work punching underneath. It just lacks some rough edges. So, my problem is that Vib Gyor sound like they are accomplished and well-produced enough not to need my help. It’s too good for me!

Funny how first impressions are wrong. One to listen to a lot more.

Vib Gyor on MySpace

June 4, 2006

Neenor By Neenor

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Sadly, Neenor have split up in the time it has taken me to actually pen a review. I’m sure that various members will reappear in the Brighton scene (and it is a vibrant Indie scene down there) or maybe even a return to Yorkshire. They were a pure Indie band with a taste for imperious vocal. I was going to comment that they hadn’t moved on from My Corporation days enough, but that’s redundant now. I’ll miss them and their easy charm.

Neenor website

June 3, 2006

What We All Want From Dance To The Radio

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This is the follow up to the astonishing Dance To The Radio: Leeds that was my 2005 album of the year. I just couldn’t review it when it came out because it suffered from the compilation disease – some great tracks but no overall theme. I think it paled in comparison to the first release but there are still some great bands and some great tracks so it is worth me saying a few words even at this late stage.

Shut Your Eyes And You’ll Burst Into Flames are a revelation with the track Amputee Smile. The spirit of Punk with the nerve to challenge any preconceptions of how music should be played. I remember an earlier single by Napolean IIIrd but the track they contribute to this album is a bit special with its desperate vocal. iForward Russia! continue to impress me every time I hear them play.

I don’t think Dance To The Radio are sending me any more releases (they always went to my previous address anyway). But this happens as bands/labels begin to get national coverage and my little website is not seen as important enough. The great thing is that there are always more bands and labels to replace them and I will never forget the music they introduced me to. There is a possibility that in the next twelve months, for the first time in many years, I might be able to afford to buy some records. If this happens, then I will be bidding on a lot of the bands featured on this album.

My Black Girlfriend by The Disco Students

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Firmly from the DIY/John Peel style of music making we have The Disco Students. Their Mark E Smith’s Dead may be factually inaccurate but it is a good song with a snarl to enjoy. Lo-Fi fun for the discerning in the family.

The Disco Students website

Space Cowboys By Space Cowboys

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I’m not quite sure why I was sent this CD since it’s from the year 2000. What I can say is the influence of David Bowie shines through, perhaps too much. I really like the track Girl With Two Heads as much as most of Bowie’s work over the past 10 years. Sadly Round & Round isn’t the Bowie song (now that was a classic). There’s no web link because the website mentioned on the cover no longer exists. Maybe The Space Cowboys no longer exist, a pity because they had considerable talent if they could only have got beyond their main influence.

Black Rain By Army Of One

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I did get half way through a review of a Wilde Club Records sampler with Army Of One last year but never finished it. A pity because it was pretty good. This release is an EP just by Army Of One and reminds me a bit of the Delays because the vocals are often in the upper range but their ethos is much more towards the punky. They actually sound a bit more polished on this EP than I would want. By way of illustration, I went onto their MySpace site and found a track Queen Of Hearts that has the punkier sond I expected.

I’ve just checked out their website and they have this month called it a day. Now I feel really guilty about not reviewing them (not that a review from me would have brought them fame and fortune).

Army Of One website
Army Of One on MySpace

Actum Procul Live EP by Opus Dai

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A curious mixture of Prog with Alt-Rock and even Metal. Not the sort of Prog that ever attracted me, unfortunately. They do sound like one hell of a live band even if you aren’t going to bump into me in the audience.

Opus Dai on MySpace

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