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July 8, 2008

Wagonwheel Blues by The War On Drugs

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Wagonwheel by The War On DrugsI’ve been listening to the band The War On Drugs with the album “Wagonwheel Blues”. I have heard this described as “Bob Dylan with The Velvet Underground as his backing band” and it’s true that the singer of this Philadelphia band does sound like Dylan and there are superficial musical similarities with the Velvets. Luckily enough, this is not just an exercise in impersonation and there is a curious, twisted musical symmetry in all of this. The music trundles along at a medium speed (Springsteen pace) while the lyrics tell of little snapshots of American life and the whole effect is really pretty good, although I often skip over the end of a couple of the long tracks. I don’t know what a Dylan fan would make of it but for me it has proved enjoyable listening during long car drives.

Arms Like Boulders by The War On Drugs

Arms Like Boulders(clip) by The War On Drugs