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March 21, 2018

Super Unison

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I joined Facebook social media platform last Thursday. I finally decided that it was the only way to stay in touch with working bands. I linked to my twenty favourites and now can see what they are doing. Obviously I have no friends and will keep it that way because that would interfere with the music posts.

I was disappointed to see that Super Unison hadn’t posted for about a year but that changed a few days ago when they posted a picture from inside a recording studio called LP2 Day 1. This carried on to Day 5 before they headed for a gig in Chicago. So we should get to hear some more wonderful music like You Don’t Tell above. It will be interesting to see whether they veer towards the Hardcode or Sonic Youth style of the above track. It’s been a wonderful trip so far and it’s great to see it is going to continue.

March 20, 2018

Awake Again

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It has been around nine years snce I last posted. I think that should be long enough to drive away anyone who might have read this site.

So, why start again?

Firstly, there is just so much great music about that I need to talk about it. There are just so many great bands making music now that it reminds me of 1979. It doesn’t seem to matter that there is likely no-one reading this but it should stop me boring people who really are not interested in the sort of new music that enthuses me.

Secondly, there is a chance someone will stumble across a post while investigating a band. Hopefully they can get a few pointers to other bands they might like. Maybe (depending on the type of post) I can put a little historical context or at the very least a name drop of a band from the past that has some similarity.

Thirdly this gives me a change to expound a few theories such as all the good music is being made in the US by female fronted bands (though I can also tell you about the exceptions).

Lastly, it will be a sort of musical diary to remind me in my old age what was going on.

January 15, 2010

Coolnoise Is Sleeping…

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I don’t expect to publish any more opinions or reviews. Existing reviews are being kept as an archive.



October 3, 2005

Annihalating Rhythms by Ultrasonic

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Formed way back 1991, just as dance music was going completely mainstream, Scottish act Ultrasonic have toured the world dance circuit quite a few times and finally after a lengthy absence since their last studio album – it’s been 7 blimin’ years! – comes ‘Annihalating Rhythms’. The dance genre is so fragmented ‘Annihalating Rhythms’ could easily be described as ‘hard house’, ‘electro’, ‘acid’, ‘trance-core’ and ‘breakbeat’, and you would be none the wiser. Looking past the misspelling of annihilating, this is bass-driven, repetitive and distinctively “old-skool” hardcore and very head-nodding in places. Sometimes the song gets ambient at key moments (High Energy), and other songs overlay some MC shout commands to the audience (Flatliner) such as “push it”, “put your hand’s in the air” and “let the crowd say ho!”. All very clich├ęd, but play this record to a packed, sweaty dancefloor and ‘Flatliner’ would become a fantastic dance soundtrack. Some of these songs remind me of Scooter, one of the many acts who half pinched Ultrasonic influential sound. Even The Prodigy’s recent ‘Never Outnumbered, Never Outgunned’ album has uses similar old-skool vibe, mixing fuzzy synths and discordant rhythms. The rapid-tempo ‘4,3,2,1’ harks back to the early nineties, giving the impression Ultrasonic are stuck in a time warp unable to keep up with current dance music which has since moved on. Oh screw that, this is so outmoded, hyper tempo and cyclical with little respite (for example ‘4,3,2,1’ finishes with what appears to be children cartoon samples) that it is a big, dumb, play it loud to annoy the neighbours kind of album.

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Review by Nick Collings

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