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February 10, 2009

To Lose My Life by White Lies

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WhiteSomeone of advanced age such as me can place White Lies exactly. They are The Teardrop Explodes in the practice sessions before the first album. They have left behind the desire to experiment as on the Sleeping Gas EP and turned towards a more melodic future where the lead singer will be an imperious presence towering above the music. This is hardly a great insight since Harry McVeigh’s voice is so close in tone, range, and phrasing to julian Cope’s – so close that I initially couldn’t be bothered to listen to even a single track right through. A few days later I got to thinking that The Teardrop Explodes had never lived up to their promise – three brilliant singles but then never again reached those intense early heights. So if White Lies gave me an equivalent of an album’s worth of the early brilliance, who am I to complain.

And, sure enough, once I cleared myself of all of those doubts, To Lose My Life is a great album that can happily sit alongside early Bunnymen/Teardrop Explodes/Depeche Mode. In fact, if you played this to a youngster who had never heard these late 70s/early 80s bands then they might well prefer White Lies because it is better produced and more consistent. Perhaps remixing the past, rather than forging the future, means you make less mistakes. So let’s get this straight. I am saying that White Lies will never produce anything as glorious and original as the first two Teardrop Explodes singles. Fine. I’m also certain that they will never match the highlights of Julian Cope’s solo work. But what they do deliver is a stonking album.

To Lose My Life by White Lies

To Lose My Life by White Lies (Clip)

White Lies