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July 10, 2008

Fun With Wizard Stencils by Wintermute

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Fun With Wizard Stencils by WintermuteI get to hear a lot of new music. My speciality is listening to it over a long period and giving my considered opinion – a sort of long-term road test. Just (very) occasionally I listen to something sent to me and it is so good and immediate that I have to write about it straight away. I got a link to Fun With Wizard Stencils by Wintermute and after a few days of it sitting in my inbox I thought I should at least download it out of politeness. I was already feverishly writing about it before the end of the second track.

The music is played with the precision of Math Rock (until now, not a favourite style of mine) while the vocals are peppered with a certain ‘shouty’ style that a few Yorkshire bands seem to excel in – think The Terminals/Close Your Eyes… from the Dance To The Radio compilations. The ultra-passionate, imploring singing is made even better by the precision of the instrumentation. I can only gasp and utter occasional expletives at the wonder of what Wintermute have created. I have rarely heard songs of real life and real experiences performed with such verve that I found myself remembering that emotional desolation of youth. Yes, that sounds effing pretentious but I know what I mean and it is good sometimes to be reminded of that intensity of feeling.

Bad Company In A Sauna by Wintermute

Bad Company In A Sauna(clip) by Wintermute

There are a lot of moments when the guitar is struck with a Funk edge that recalls The Pop Group and the sudden silences in the music also emphasises that essential undanceability – although in truth many of us have all tried and ended up doing some very ungainly, jerky idiot dancing (being laughed at just makes you stronger!). So now I can mix my vinyl nostalgia series by playing you an earlier example of such artistry:

Beyond Good and Evil

She Is Beyond Good and Evil by The Pop Group

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