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Every Android That I Know Oct 2003

Clockhouse are a band from Canada and play a brand of alternative rock that derives from a softened Nine Inch Nails and end up sounding a bit like The The. They have a great sound, mixing metal guitar riffs with electronics and a melodic approach to song writing. The song More is an inventive song with a great hook: 'More is the perfect painkiller' and Average Dreamer has all the passion you could want. Is this 'emo'? We donít really have it over in the UK but it reminds me of what Iíve heard from bands like Death Cab From Cutie and Jackpot. Sometimes, I get the feeling that they sound a bit much like other bands and the songs donít stand out as original masterworks. If I had been involved in producing this album then I would be very proud Ė as a listener it got my admiration but not my love.

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