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Cooper Temple Clause

Nottingham Rock City 18 May 2003

Rock City: an alternative music Mecca, a dank, sticky, sweaty pool of guitar feasting, multi-mulleted rebels astride its compressing walls – what a ghastly place for a visiting group of young fellows fresh from the studio. As if. The Cooper Temple Clause are a six-headed rock beast who have excessed their way around the globe ravaging, raging and rogering across every continent. Twice.

So here the two entities, a match far beyond Cilla’s control, meet. They burst on with ltd. Edition single A.I.M. executing its crunching electronic mayhem in fine style. New single ‘Promises, Promises’ swiftly ensues with the air of a song that has been in the air 100 years but has only now decided to beat you senseless with its brilliance. Tom Bellamy throws pelvic thrusts toward his keyboard whilst true Rock’n’Roll star Didz (bass) blunders, bounces and bashes…gracefully. Further newies ‘Blind Pilots’ and ‘New Toys’ follow with a distinctly more melodic edge but still with the power to send you into spasms of ecstasy. Then on to the familiar. ‘Let’s Kill Music’ slashes and burns its way through Ben’s throat whilst ‘Film-Maker’ and ‘Been Training Dogs’ carry a health hazard that is torn to shreds. ‘Panzer Attack’ completes the assault leaving a bruised, battered and beaten audience exactly as they desired.

So the love match succeeded and the marriage begins – but please, don’t show us the kids.

Review and photos by Alex Lawson

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