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Cub Country

Stay Poor, Stay Happy Dec 2004

A great opening for this CD from Future Farmer records with the track Be Your Own Hitman sounding like an Americana tinged Go-Betweens (and isn't that combination a panacea for us romantics) with the dreamy, relaxed melodies and personal lyrics of longing. Thereafter Cub Country sound a bit more like Golden Smog/'Shame about Ray' period Lemoneads which is still good.

The album is brimming with confidence - the confidence to take things slow and easy. 59 Grand is more than 8 minutes long but doesn't overstay it's welcome - so much so I just played it again. It's all very Americana with it's concentration on the minutae of everyday life and on relationships. My feelings about it are very much like Golden Smog - a few great tracks and the rest are pleasant - leaving me with a warm rather than a hot feeling inside. I think lovers of all-American music will really like this one. Cub Country is the work of Jeremy Chatelain (Handsome and Jets to Brazil) and he proves what a fine songwriter and performer he is.

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