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Faded Seaside Glamour April 2004

The Delays have produced something near to a classic album. Faded Seaside Glamour is pop music at it's very best. You know that song by The La's 'There She Goes' (the love of my life's favourite song) well the Delays have a number of songs that are up there with that classic example of melodic indie. Greg Gilbert is the man behind the Delays and he has an incredible voice - sometimes impossibly high and sometimes harsh-edged. The harmonies are delicate without being overly sweet and the guitar work is jangles nicely. Not every songs works brilliantly but there are many that just can't be bettered for the pop tinged genre that they inhabit - such as the singles Nearer Than Heaven, Long Time Coming, and Hey Girl. For us hardened Indie boys we can find solace in the thobbing beauty of songs like Bedroom Scene and Stay Where You Are .

This is the sort of record that young people will use as the soundtrack to falling in love this summer. For us jaded old cynics who have been through all that and heard everything before this is a bit of ozone enriched fresh air before we dive back into the unrelenting grind of everyday toil.

Nottingham Rescue Rooms 13 July 2003

"It makes us play better!" urges the Delays' frontman after requesting for about the fifth time that the crowd dance to their brand of poppy indie. In truth, it's not the mood: it's Sunday night, the crowd is full of inexperienced Easyworld fans and everyone's slightly put-off by the two tank-sized 15 year-old lezzas snogging on the front row.

The Delays themselves are doing everything right, the keyboard player has his hair over the right bit of his eye, the bassist stands firm and the drummer looks like a caged monkey, flailing to get out from between two speaker stacks. Half of the set passes in mediocre indie but as they unfurl new single 'Hey Girl' the set changes to one of majesty from there they decide to get a bit heavier, in fact they turn into Oasis. The feedback drawls like 'RocknRoll Star's little brother and the bassist seems to have actually turned into Gem.

By the time they play cheery b-side 'Overlover' they have won over the crowd and duly leave. Maybe next time they'll be dancing.

Review by Alex Lawson
Hey Girl July 2003

The Delays play poppy indie which is reminiscent of pre-Screamedelica Primals with a female vocalist who is a man. Hey Girl' is a twiddly tuneful one ideal for a yank film where the boy is walking down a sunny street thinking of his desired girl. The second track is more interesting. Melancholic Elbow guitars, vocals usually described as 'soaring' or 'epic' but which are really high, comforting, mews and the kind of track which would have stormed along in the early nineties. The real question lies in originality. I am only young but I really have heard all this before, the only sanctuary I can take is that the Delays do have the potential to justify their existence.

Review by Alex Lawson

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