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Sound Living Nov 2005

I will never figure out what "Electronic Folk" is but this is a very fine album. From the first track the voice of Mila Oshin reaches out and grabs me. Low, tuneful, and reeking of sensuality. It will never cease to amaze me that Britney Spears are meant to be selling sex in their pop records - just listen to this record and you will hear real eroticism not just some preening underdressed girl through a vocoder. Maybe I've been on my own too long but this record really stirs me. Marlene Dietrich would have been jealous (not of someone else stirring me...but Mila's know what I mean).

The music (by Kris Jager) is pivotal to this project. It is artful and so atmospheric. There are layers of electronics here that can entrance and surprise at the same time. But there is not a single bleep or beat that doesn't contribute to the impact of the songs. And everything Drunk With Joy do is based on how to produce songs that have emotional meaning, how to reach the listener through lyrics and texture of voice and music. This attention to detail is exhibited by a lovely little packaged CD with a black ribbon around it, lyrics insert and a rather neat cover painting.

Nice to be reminded of the sultry tones of Pitch Black Dream from the US, who I reviewed last year. By the way, please don't take this advice of how to drive:

Take your eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, and make me breathe again

It just doesn't make sense, kids.


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