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New Release: Matinee single April 2004

Taken from the album Darts of Pleasure, Franz Ferdinand release a new single Matinee. It's a musical romp with jagged guitar and that all important bouncy bass - recalling how The Monochrome Set would have sounded if they had better production. Crystal clear vocals and an irresistable beat. Can't complain about that.

Review: Franz Ferdinand album Jan 2004

There's an air of expectation about the Franz Ferdinand debut album after the chart success of Take Me Out. The good news is that this is a very good album and confirms that the band can sustain the excitement of their singles over a full album. The gentle start to Jaqueline is misleading and soon develops into a characteristic uptempo guitar romp. The only song that is a little disappointing is the first single Darts of Pleasure but that may be because I've listened to it quite a lot before now.

Franz Ferdinand still sound like a fantastic mixture of turn of the 80s bands like Josef K, Fire Engines, and the Monochrome Set. They do have an ability to impart even more energy into their music than those bands - the bass and drums just bounce along. Great to listen to and great to dance to. Their use of melody and the mannered vocals can entrance the pop audience without losing the indie crowd. A confident wake-up blast to the music industry.

Review: Darts Of Pleasure EP Sept 2003

Darts of Pleasure has moments where the new Scottish band Franz Ferdinand sound like The Doors (the Spanish song on the third album including a few Robbie Krieger twangs) – a very busy song with lots of ideas. The next track Van Tango sounds like Sparks to me with moments of Red Crayola. Shopping For Blood is Iggy Pop backed by The Fall – very entertaining. I have used mentions of other bands because I don’t yet feel Franz Ferdinand have yet found which their own voices they want to follow. They have plenty of enthusiasm and ideas to make up for that. They are Young Pretenders rather than new Scottish Gentry, at the moment. It has the same hurried and slightly amateurish feel as early Josef K and Orange Juice singles – now there’s a pedigree.

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