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Frozen Jungle Entertainment Aug 2002

Frock are Fredrick Kinbom, a Swedish singer-writer working out of Brighton, and friends who supply the extra instrumentation. He has a CD available on his own I Like Records. It's available through his own website (see the link below) or through CD baby in the States.

It starts off with the shuffling rhythms of Coincidence Rocket Ride, which hurtles along and sets the tone for the CD of a really strong voice with a great collection of inventive songs. There's plenty of variation with the contemplative Looking At You, the extra vocal bite of Monday Adventure, and the languid Lagoa Wish. How about a bit of bewilderment with Violin Terror? You get it all.

There’s a spirit of the 60's about this record, a touch of naivety in the lyrics and an attention to melody which suggests a singer-songwriter Syd Barrett (without the acid) and early Al Stewart. Of contemporaries, the track Turning Off The Telly At Dawn sounds like Elliot Smith at his best.

I think I've got it. You know when you get home and open a bottle of cold Czech beer - that first sip with the froth followed by the refreshing draught of a unique beer - that's what this record feels like. Best of all you can increase the effect by buying the beer as well. Leave in the fridge for a day and enjoy!

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