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Heroes of the Alamo

98 to 1 Oct 2003

Heroes of the Alamo are a New York band who have released their debut album. Not My Fault starts the album off and sounds like The Clash (a little bit better to my ears but don’t take my opinions on that band with any seriousness) mainly due to the singers Joe Strummer edge to his voice. She’s Still sounds more like REM and this is perhaps a closer comparison for the rest of the album. Jean has a Sixties quality about it – some naïve obvious rhymes, simplistic melody, single guitar notes masquerading as a solo (along with some really great female backing vocal) – a quality, memorable song. It’s not complicated music – simple rhythms, strummed guitar, nice touches of melody, always with a rock edge. But it doesn’t really work for me (except on Jean) although that probably reflects my love of the obscure and unusual more than any failing on the part of the band. Having said that, I would like to see them live and I find plenty of moments in the music I like.

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