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The Hot Puppies

All Washed Up Nov 2002

A gloriously energetic and exciting 4-track CD from Aberystwyth's The Hot Puppies. Reminiscent of the enthusiasm, energy, and simplicity of late 70's post-punk bands like Flowers, Pragvec and The Fire Engines, they take pop music and put it on a fast-spin cycle for the 3 minutes required.

I've no idea if record companies are going to pick up on this - but I can hear that seeing this band live will bring joy to your life and no hangover afterwards. Musically tight, lyrically direct, funny - they have everything needed for a great night out (and a great night in dancing like a lunatic to the CD). Becky Newman sings about 'Living in a postcard town' and point out that 'some people live here all the year round'. If that's where they are now, they are on their way out. You have to hear the number of inflections she produces on the word 'Oh' on I Feel Like John Wayne (like Woody/Tom Hanks saying 'No' in Toy Story when all looks lost).

When John Peel hears this he's going to lose control of his bodily functions. It's just a blast of fresh air from start to finish.

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