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Hunting Lodge

Energy Czar Jun 2006

From reading Hunting Lodge's biography, I get this "We do want we want to, no exceptions" feel, reminiscent of what we saw during the punk rock era, and this no nonsense attitude is shown in the way they batter their instruments to make a chaotic and yet a consistently structured and unique sound.

If I could compare Hunting Lodge's sound to another band I would struggle, so instead, if you were to take a dose of The Exploited, throw in some of The Locust and top it off with a bit of Fantomas, the chance is you still wouldn't be anywhere near to the sound of Hunting Lodge but thatís about as close as I can manage.

The lack of melody is quite an obvious thing throughout this album, In many cases this would be a bad thing however for Hunting Lodge this just adds to the intriguing sound that they aim to create.

I would suggest Energy Czar is an album for those of us out there, who can go into something completely open minded, Hunting Lodge bring a refreshing and riot inducing sound that needs to listened to with ears wide open.

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Review by RichardTheGreat

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