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Jake Williams

Blue Head Blue Heart Oct 2003

Jake Williams is a singer-songwriter originally from Denton, Texas but now up in Seattle. He has kicked around in the Denton music scene and now has released his first album, Blue Head Blue Heart. The music is played well Ė the guitar work is excellent throughout, deliberately understated but obviously very skilled and I love the harmonica playing (check out BlueWorld). Jake has a good voice and who can resist a bit of Texas drawl. South American Redneck is definitely the showpiece with its Spanish influence on the rhythms and guitar playing. Give Me The Sun is a lesson in dynamics in the updating of American roots music. This has been an unusual album for me, one that I was very impressed to begin with but have gone off a bit. I have some reservations and Iím not exactly sure how to express them. Itís something to do with the songwriting or maybe the performance. Personally, the songs donít sound like they are from the heart Ė thereís a lack of pain. It could be Jake is a good musician who is writing songs that he thinks people will admire but lacks some originality or perhaps that the emotional roots have been lost while concentrating on the performances. That said, this album exhibits some fine musicianship and is full of good ideas.

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