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The Jupiter Project

I can make you try Sep 2002

It's hard to classify this record. Its from a Boston-based duo, Jonny Pape and Sue Boyer, who use drum machines, guitars, keyboards and voices to create a collection of songs that take technology and show people how to use it to create emotional and personal music. It can be classified as Indie because it makes it's own rules but really is just great American music with a new twist. It's a beautifully produced 6 track CD in terms of the cover, sound production and the attention to detail carries through to every song. Their use of dynamics is accomplished - quiet, brooding passages are followed by soaring choruses.

They are also proof that you don't need a full band to rock out listen to Gooseflesh or Hills and Horns to experience this. Rummy is a beautiful track with interplay between male and female voices with Jonny bringing a morose mood to the whole piece. Like some of the best Red Star Belgrade songs, it leaves you quiet and thoughtful and music that can change your mood like that is very special.

I guess what I want to say about The Jupiter Project is that this they push some of my most important buttons - a classic American voice, interplay with female vocals, sparse instrumentation. Above all, is an original musical vision. Check out some downloads on their website and see if you can share that vision.

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