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Karma Destination

Produced Out Of Cycle Oct 2004

The second Karma Destination EP has arrived. AFter my kind of split review of the first EP, I didn't know what to expect. I think Let Down from the first EP (wonderful song) is a one-off. But I'm not that disappointed because this new EP shows real development. They play guitar based music with a relaxed, jangly groove - drawing on the old Manchester influence but bouncing it back into the Indie camp. The opening track, Storm To Calm, displays them in Manchester dance step with rhythmic control and great vocal interplay. Soul Tired has more sonic guitar attack used to dramatic effect in the crescendo sections. I'm not sure what the next recording will hold, but they are becoming worthy successors to That Uncertain Feeling (obscure reference to a great live band who never quite delivered on record).

Big Mistake/Let Down June 2004

Karma Destination are a new band from Manchester with their first self-produced EP. Mention of their admiration of the wonderful Puressence immediately excited my interest. I've had the songs on a tape in the car for a couple of months now so thats plenty of time to appreciate it. I haven't been keen on the first track Big Mistake - a well-executed development of the old Manchester sound - nice groove, but nothing new - it has improved with multiple plays though. However, the second track Let Down is a feast of spinning Dervish guitar and is exactly what I would expect of a band called Karma Destination. The dirty spinning exotic guitar, shimmy rhythms, and chant-like vocal makes the blood surge through my veins every time I hear it.

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