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Latitude Blue

Searching For Perfect Dec 2003

Latitude Blue are a band from Oxford/Swindon (bet they don't talk about football!). Moments of the first track !961 sound a bit like I'm So Hollow (compulsory reference to something obscure but brilliant). Add some B-Movie, Psychedelic Furs, and House Of Love but remember these are influences not copying, and you've got a band to be reckoned with. I'll Be Free is perhaps even better as it adds some extra guitar dynamic and a grungy touch to the proceedings.

It isn't spectacular music Latitude Blue seem to know that great bands don't need to try to hard to impress. No Justin Hawkins and high pitched theatrics needed here just great melodies, great harmonies, great guitar, great songs to pull your heart out and place it back on a new axis. Gareth Nutter's voice has all the qualities you could ever want to hear emotional impact honed with heavy-duty sandpaper.

I've been talking with Nick from Alt-Rock review and we both agree that this EP is one of the highlights of all the CDs we have been sent. I normally find it difficult to assess a band just from a few tracks but in this case I can say that Latitude Blue are part of what makes my musical world go around.

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