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Modern American Science

Modern American Science EP April 2006

I think we have a singer here. Three Unashamedly emotional songs in a sort of Soft Indie style. On Where Pieces Join (Where They Fall Apart) i worried that it all might turn a bit soppy - perhaps Witness play Coldplay. But I shouldn't have worried. Just listen to Souvenir and the vocals - there isn't a wrong vocal texture yet alone note. And that slight raspiness as he drops down the register, that hint of vibrato - near perfect. But it's not just the voice, there's a beautifully sympathetic musical backing and some really precise songwriting.

Aim Steady Fire is quite simply a revelation to me. It holds the same atmosphere, the same pathos as the Scud Mountains Boys Silo. It's not alt-country but it manages to capture the same genuiness and it's a big thing for me to compare anything with Joe Pernice. It's such a quiet little song. Sometimes, you get more attention, more noticed precisely because you don't shout and push yourself forward. And then just at the end it picks up pace and at this point I've lost all words.


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