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Muleskinner Jones

Death Row Hoedown Sep 2004

I checked out their website and saw them say this about one critical opinion:
A reviewer said "This is dreadful, absolutely dreadful" and referred to Mr. Jones as the most annoying vocalist they'd ever heard.

Well, it certainly isn't pretty - but that's good. I'm not completely convinced that it really is dreadful enough. It has enough dreadful elements to make you believe that there is a real potential to shock and amaze. Some tracks just reek of putrefaction and have real power. Others begin to sound like just parody.

But there is a danger of some music descending into novelty and parody - like the way The Darkness are related to rock music for example. Certainly, if Muleskinner Jones are going for the quirky and sick market then they/he will struggle to reach the heights that The Handsome Family have claimed as their own. But, Concrete Swamp, Truckstop Funeral, and the Closing Theme can stand on their own as great tunes to listen to as your world implodes.

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