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Superheroes Crash Jul 2006

As perfect an exposition of the Indie boy-and-girl combination as you will ever hear. The rhythmic intricacy of the guitar and interplay with the drums, the gentle touch of atmosphere with keyboards, and the female vocals with that French accent. If music is played in heaven then it should be like this: the beauty of the voice with the measured intricacy of every guitar note.

The blurb with the album mentions "Virginie's voice acts as a very carnal counterpoint to their little experiments". That frees me to say that she really does add something intensely erotic to the music. But this isn't lechery, it's appreciation. She adds the ethereal human presence to the precise music that underlies their sound. Sorry, let me just say it's gorgeous.

It's hard to mention tracks because there are no weak ones but I will say that Immobilized is a Post-Rock epic with similarities to Mogwai's Happy Songs For Happy People. Silvery has some M83 type of swirling keyboards. I'm trying to make comparisons with other bands because I want to any readers to check them out - but in reality, OMR are not comparable to anyone else. They are new and unique but I have to prepare for my last paragraph that touches on the last 26 years of my musical history.

If there was ever a band that I would admit have superceded Young Marble Giants then this is the band.

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