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Phat Tater

Unsocial March 2004

You know that single Going Under from Evanescence where there is that brief introduction of nu-metal rap. Well, I always thought that bit was really good. The bad news is that Evanescence only ever did that on one song. On a similar theme (but very different music) we have Phat Tater who mix alt-rock with some good old hardcore shouting and banging. There are probably five great songs on this CD and the others are pretty good as well.

It sounds like there are two band members with different musical tastes who are battling to merge their two visions (like Lou Reed and John Cale did). It's when these two styles are fused that things get really interesting. The softer side is guitar-based alternative rock with a melodic element and a suggestion of sadness and wistfulness: the harder side is really heavy guitar and a growling, insistent, argumentative vocal. The interplay of these two elements is just so exciting and gripping. Then you find out it's all the creation of just one man: Chuck Bigras - split personality? manic? maybe, but it's great to listen to.


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