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Demo CD Nov 2002

Polinski are a London-based band that are gigging regularly and building a fanbase. Their demo CD has a live feel that gives it huge energy and, even though they don't fit full-square into my indie/alt taste, I have enjoyed listening to them immensely and they have managed to get me hooked on ther high octane approach to music. The first track Small Town is a bit shouty for me with too obvious lyrics and rock melody, but the CD gets a lot better. The next track, Standing Tall, answers all my doubts and is full of variation: exquisite drawled verse building to a strong chorus, a quiet section followed by a return to a head-shaking guitar riff. There's enough ideas for four songs but I'm glad they crammed them into one.

Complacency is a love song with a soaring chorus. A little bit of sensitivity strangely reminiscent (probably just to me) of early Van Der Graaf Generator - that's real praise for me. No title on the CD for track 4 but it combines treated vocals with a dervish guitar riff. Again it is full of ideas but rocks along at a high rate of knots.The last song, Isolation, has a chorus even the Chameleons would have been proud of.

This is muscular, confident, guitar-based rock. You can hear the sweat drop as they play. Strong vocals, heavy guitar, and good use of dynamics make Polinski a really good prospect. More Rock than Alternative but of such quality and energy that anyone who likes the mosh-pit will find plenty to enjoy.

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