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Nottingham Rescue Rooms 26 Aug 2003

"Come on now Dance to the Underground!" yells Anthony Roman, one half of Radio 4's vocal attack. Before him the Rescue Rooms is erupting in an unprecedented dancing fit. All around indieboys (including yours truly) throw off their self-conscious coats and don some snazzy dancing shoes.

Previous to this it had been a rather different night with local boys Punish The Atom displaying an excitable, if somewhat odd performance (the lead singer opens the set wearing a black balaclava before gyrating on the floor and pushing people over). Fellow New Yorkers The Prosaics initially looked interesting but their Interpol-ish set was plagued with sound problems and proved rather dull.

Radio 4 stride on, an exciting prospect, and launch into 'Our Town'. They continue with a set heavy with material from second, and breakthrough, album 'Gotham'. NME single 'Start A Fire' (whose proceeds will go to AIDS awareness charities) continues a set already boasting the anthemic 'Calling All Enthusiasts' and the first real dancing of the evening during 'Save Your City'. 'Eyes Wide Open' shows some brilliant tambourine bongo from the bouncing PJ whilst the guitarist sidles round with a face reminiscent of Bargain Hunt 'expert' David Barbie. And, after a quick salvo of 'Pipe Bombs' and 'Struggle' we are brought to 2002's hottest tune.

The surprise that the Rescue Rooms is capable of such an atmosphere is a pleasant one and the dancing is far from clumsy (I can tell this by the fact my toes are still intact!). Fears that the encore would break up the atmosphere are unfounded as 'Certain Tragedy' and newie 'Party Crashers' are danced to with verve and passion by the fervent crowd. Still dancing we troop back into a cool Nottingham night and the real world!

Review and photo by Alex Lawson

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