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Rapid Fiction

Under The Pulse July 2005

Not great sound quality but I've found it sounds better on my laptop than on my stereo so I can at get a decent idea of what Rapid Fiction sound like. They are guitar Indie with some keyboards adding texture. They would fit in well in the current Leeds scene (and those Ferdinand boys) in their updating of the early 80s approach (Monochrome Set, B-movie, etc). That was probably my favourite movement in music so I am having a great time listening to all this stuff.

Rapid Fiction are fairly raw and obviously still to hone their vision but it sounds promising. They are ambitious in musical terms by trying to create less obvious melodies and structures in the interests of unsettling the listener. I particularly like the Leave Them All Behind track - it reminds me very much of Essential Bop (but I am probably the only person who remembers that Bristol Band). They will be gigging in London soon and promise much. The vocals and keyboards suggest that they have a lot to offer.

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