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6 Track Promo March 2004

From the start you know exactly what you're getting with this. Grungey guitar, tight bass and drums interplay, and a voice with the roughness and twang that exists throughout the post-Nirvana genre. The surprise here is the sheer quality of every element. That voice is so expressive, the rhythm section so dynamic, and the guitars are just perfect. The first five songs are execllent but there's this nagging question of 'how original is this' and 'they're as good as half-a-dozen other bands of this ilk but what more can I say?'.

Answers come on the sixth track Far From Home. Starting quietly with just voice and guitar, drums and bass join in under the plaintive vocal. Suddenly the bass and drums pound twice thudding into your solar plexus, the guitar cascades, "I feel nothing at all". Beautiful and effective. The ending is sheer joy as well because it doesn't resolve (musically or lyrically) but just leaves it in the air with "everythings gonna change (but me)". It's not that the other tracks aren't great and I've loved listening to them but just that this last one has magic and is gut-wrenchingly good.

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