Alternative music reviews

Reviews 2003

Police Officer Demo by This Et Al.
Miseryguts by The Sad Song Co.
0078h by M83.
Searching For Perfect by Latitude Blue.
Drink To Moving On by Grand National.
Music and Ideas demo by Estobahn.
The Summer Of Promises Kept by At Dusk.

Fiendish by Phideaux.
Singles reviews
Remember Me by British Sea Power
3 Track Sampler by The Magic
Long Time Coming by The Delays
Step Into My Office Baby by Belle and Sebastian
Shake Me Down/Forget To Breathe by Mantra
Transportation To Nowhere by Nurotica
Three Songs About Dreams, Lovers & The Sea by Inch Blue
Come On, Let’s Go by Swimmer One.
Another Sidewalk’s Bloody Dream by Solarbaby.
Songs Made From Plastic by Mon Electric Bijou.
Imaginary Maps by Imaginary Maps.
Hanging Around by The Future Kings Of Spain.
Remember Me by British Sea Power.

Fat Northerner Records Vol 2. Tracks by Pioneer, Slims, Earl, and Parma Violets.
Blue Head Blue Heart by Jake Williams.
Stop Me If You’ve Heard This Before by Rough Trade Records.
Unsound by Superfine.
12:51 by The Strokes.
Here Comes The Sharp Things by The Sharp Things.
Into My Blood by Carina Round.
State Of Grace by Anna Neale.
98 to 1 by Heroes Of The Alamo.
The Heavenly States by The Heavenly States.
Aloha Aloha Loaha by gnitch:gnitch.
Gallowsbird’s Bark by The Fiery Furnaces.
We Don’t Play Guitars by Chicks On Speed.
Every Android That I Know by Clockhouse.
The Essential Billy Bragg by Billy Bragg.

Aurora Avenue by Solanoid.
Go Back To Bed America Small Victories.
Darts Of Pleasure EP by Franz Ferdinand.
Kindling by Campground Effect.
The Dare EP by After Suburbia.

Never Going Home Pitch Black Dream.
Radio 4 at The Nottingham Rescue Rooms.
Before The Flood by Onion Jack.

Pushing Red Buttons by Pushing Red Buttons.
Psychid by Psychid.
Pull A U by The Kills.
The Future Kings Of Spain by The Future Kings Of Spain.

The Spiral Staircase Mark Sheeky.
Blind Mans Waltz by Moorebeck Stellar.
Happy Songs For Happy People by Mogwai.
Alaska by Miracle Mile.
The Bellrays / D4 live at Nottingham Rock City.

The Soledad Brothers at The Nottingham Rescue Room 9th May.
Before The Flood by Onion Jack.
Seneca Laines by Seneca Laines.
Cooper Temple Clause at Nottingham Rock City 18 May.
Ash at Manchester Apollo 8 May.

Shapes and Lines by Blue2Noise.

Way Down East by Boxing.

Dazzle Me With Transience by Tex La Homa.
The Good Old Days / My Corporation Neenor.