Alternative music reviews

Reviews 2006

New Breed by Various Artists
The Great Leap by Phideaux
Nails by Seven Years On

The EP by A Genuine Freakshow
Life, Death And The Absurdity Of Being by Num
King Furnace/Fourth Chamber live at The Cellar Bar Oxford.
February Snow by Fell City Girl.

Annie’s Well by Luxury Car.
Drop The Decade by Shut Your Eyes And You’ll Burst Into Flames.
Every Weekend by Dun 2 Def.
They’ve Got Nothing On You by Paul Wilkes.
Demo by From The Shards Of Comets!.
Big Iron World by Old Crow Medicine Show.
Refugee Blues by Chris Volpe.
Carla’s Song by Harmacy.
Necessary Evils by Mach Schau.
Champagne Lifestyle by The Energy.

A New Career by Karma Pilot.
Baggage/Vesuvius by The Scaramanga Six.
Backstabber by The Dresden Dolls.
Introstay by Years Around The Sun.
The View From Above by The Sun-Ups.
The Studiofix Will Change Your Life by Studiofix.
Into The Woulds by Federales.
Songs For The Atco Ghost by Canadian Invasion.
A Clean Incision by The Reverse.
Fallen by Vib Gyor.
Let The Girls Know by The Proof.
Total Punk Rock by Various Artists.
Featuring tracks by Battleska Galactia, Junkster, and The Poor Kids With Guns.
Dammit, Eat Your Pudding by Fallopian.
Regarding Your Request For Closure by Crawling With Kings.
Broken Gold by The Distants (on Blogcritics).
Winter Collection 2005 by Daniel Vincent.
Supersonic by The Voodoo Jets.
Different Like Everybody Else by Cardboard Radio.

7 Song Tape by Tom Leach.
Superheroes Crash by OMR.
Boom Times! by Don’s Mobile Barbers.
Box Of A Billion Lights by The October Game.
Mars Bonfire EP by Mars Bonfire.

Swim by Fell City Girl .
Apophenia by History Of Guns.
Lovebomb by Apollo 13.

Fading Away by Pitch Black Dream.
313 by Phideaux.
The All-Star High School Debate Club by Hey Pablo!.
Heath & Safety by Being 747.
Tea For A Viper by SUB-ROSA.

Modern American Science EP by Modern American Science.
Unsigned Magazine Vol 1 by Various Artists
Featuring tracks by Lesbian Bed Death, Faustus, When Bullets Fail, and Enemo J.
Various Artists.
Yes, Virginia by The Dresden Dolls.
Snake Creeps Down by Triple Whip.
Regent Kingfish Slumberpad by Western Civ.
Trichroma by The Ghosts.

The Art of Individuality by Nomad 67.
Wait And See by Various Artists.
Featuring tracks by SUnday 68, AudioEskimo, My Waiting Gold, Northern Overload, and The Nihilists.

Chupacabras by Phideaux.

Energy Czar by Hunting Lodge.
Contra-Mantra by Jaugernaut.
She Went Black EP by Breakup Breakdown.
Pigs Make Children Sick by This Et Al.