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Roe Sham Bo

[serotonin] Sep 2005

From London we have Roe Sham Bo with an album that seems to draw nearly all of it's influence from US rock. The closest I can come to in comparison is like a rocky Red Hot Chili Peppers. Now I may not know much about bands that sell more than more than a thousand copies of an album but I do recall that the Peppers can really play their instruments and Roe Sham Bo share the same trait. They are a tight band with powerful and skillful guitar and a talent for melodic rock. Sometimes it just gets too melodic and anthemic for me but mostly it works. Don't get hung up about the Peppers thing, I could just as well have said Blue Oyster Cult or even the Eagles and what they do is different but just shares a few characteristics.

I like the rumbustious approach of the opening track Rupert Lee. Penny Real has some wonderful vocal touches and just when you get tired of too much harmony you get a bit of metal guitar. They can work in some Americana moments as well such as during Crash My World. Overall it isn't really my thing, too rock, too American - but it is enjoyable and admirable and well executed.


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