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Small Victories

Go Back To Bed America Sept 2003

With pop-sensibility approaching the red line, Small Victories have produced a beautiful piece of work with Go Back To Bed America. The delicious vibrato in the vocal and the way the music moves from sway to swirl is great. It’s backed by some rough-hewn guitar and a bit of synth to add to the mix and make it impossible to sit still and listen to – you need to get up and bop around to it The second song, One Day My Son... is less spectacular but showcases the voice well and drags you into it's slow, empassioned world. Fresh and invigorating. There is going to be an album soon and I am already looking forward to that.

This is part of the Booby Trap club– a double A side single released every month. If this is a taster of what is to come then it’s well worth signing up and getting some interesting mail.

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