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Another Sidewalk's Bloody Dream Dec 2003

I always felt with The Violent Femmes that I really didn't like Godon Dandos voice a bit too sharp, too knowing the voice of someone who could be merciless and scathing. Marq DeSouza has a similar stridency and sharpness in his voice but like the Femmes, you can't argue with the great songwriting and performance. Rock with a country tinge that Chuck Prophet would be proud of, Solarbaby stake a Canadian claim to great American music.

I have played the CD numerous times and I'm still not bored with it and it's still growing on me. It bounces along at times. There are plenty of enticing hooks in songs like Sixteen Years and Wasteland Kiss. Just Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes is a great track with some bluesy guitar behind it and full of bitter emotion. This is alternative American rock with a frightening intensity and roots-based simplicity.

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