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The Dawning Sep 2005

I think this is the third in a short series of reviews of American music. You may have noticed that the first two were from the UK (London and the Scottish Borders) but this one is from Bakersfield, California. Of all the releases on Avebury Records (a great little record company that select their acts carefully) this is the one that really gets my blood coursing through my veins. It is aimed at a much younger audience than your humble, aged reviewer but even when I'm losing my teeth I can get what's going on. This is a band that can take Hardcore and Emo and mix the two to create something exciting and inspiring.

You can feel the sweaty contortions of the audience at a live concert in this album. The Moshpit was never so inviting. But it's not just rocking the night away because they never lose their sense of the 'song' and being driven by choral melodies. There are times when metal guitar is hackneyed but in the case of Stereotactic it is just welcome. I don't really how to judge the American scene (or perhaps I should say the California scene?) but it does appear to me that there's a bit of a buzz about this band. They deserve it.


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