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Stick Finlays

Progress On Paper Sep 2005

You would be hard pushed to find a better example of Grunge anywhere than this Stick Finlays album. They are a 3-piece (of course) from the Scottish Borders but sound very American all the same. Such a muscular beginning with the title track. Time You Went is as good a track as you will ever hear for dynamics and mannered singing. It could be Seattle from their sound, but wherever it's from it really is of the highest quality. The vocals are really good - there's a raspiness to them that are perfect for the music. The music itself is quality, guitar (very) driven rock.

My only doubts are that they are firmly in the post-Nirvana genre and I don't get the idea that this an approach that works in the UK. Personally I love that sort of music but maybe it only gets the sort of coverage and popularity it deserves over in the States. They are young (22 years old) so they have time to take their music over the water or to develop in a different direction for the UK (become an Eccentric British Indie band so beloved of our insular music press). A good bet for being a great live band.


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