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The Strokes

12:51 Oct 2003

Latest single from the Strokes is offered as a prelude to their album Room On Fire coming out later this month. Itís a curiously low-key affair with Julian Casablanca's vocals well down in the mix and itís inconsequential lyrically and musically Ė the organ-like guitar just follows/leads the vocals and a short song at two and a half minutes.But it is catchy as hell and has the same distorted vocal sound and the choppy backing guitar rhythms as before on ĎIs This Ití. Itís the sort of song that catches you unawares and you find yourself humming it to yourself at other times of the day Ė a sneaky trick to play. It wonít gain any new converts but will make existing fans happy. No real clues as to how the new album is going to sound. Itís just another helping of The Strokes and that canít be a bad thing, can it?

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