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The Strollers

Your Reminder Has Changed Dec 2005

I received an early demo of The Strollers and put them on the 365 radio station i have. I think promising would have been the way to describe it - still derivative but with charm.

With Your Reminder Has Changed, The Strollers move onto a new level. They are finding their own voice and it's a very fine voice. Into The Dark maintains a musical tension throughout and there's a naturalness about the vocals that I love. Red Skies reminds me of the Band Of Holy Joy (not that The Strollers will have ever heard of them) with with it's uplifting chorus and the singing. It Breaks demonstrates their ability to change pace at will and use dynamics to good effect.

The Strollers have become a very good guitar-based band with a sort of updated Madchester type of Rhythmic vibe. I hope they always keep the rough edges, particulary the vocals that still hold a punk-like quality.

What did impress me with their first release was that The Strollers had confidence and believed in what they were doing. Now they have justified that confidence. The whole EP can be listened to on MySpace (click the link below).


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