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Tex La Homa

Dazzle Me With Transience Jan 2003

No, I've never head of them either and I don't have a clue what their name means - but Tex La Homa are the studio project of one Matt Shaw from the UK. It starts off well with a paen to the quiet songs on the first Velvet Underground album (Femme Fatale/Sunday Morning/ hints of Heroin) on 'something good'. That's good and I love the song, but from then on the CD loses it's derivate quality and becomes unique. There's a groove to the songs (very shy Stone Roses? ) in the rhythms and Matt's almost-whisper creates a magical atmosphere. Sometimes the songs are quiet, sometimes fuzzed low-fi guitar takes over (a bit of Jesus and Mary Chain perhaps). These are very personal songs, 'feel tied down' is one of those personal statements that are universal in sentiments and 'launch' is simple, raw, and beautiful. 'highfalutin' is like someone speaking quietly to a lover and if you don't relate this to something in your life then you should get out more.

I have a very special part of my record collection: albums I play when I'm on my own and in a quiet mood and want to leave the world outside for a while. It includes Mike Johnson and Revolution 9 (I can't even remember what made me buy them in the first place) and some Sebadoh. You can take all the other music away from me but you have to leave me those because they pluck some heartstrings that nothing else reaches. Tex La Homa can join that special place.

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